At home allergy test

Welcome to the Mapped Out Nutrition shop, where we offer an exciting solution for adults seeking at-home allergy testing. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming doctor visits - our user-friendly allergy test kits provide you with reliable results in the comfort of your own home. Discover the key allergens affecting you and take control of your health today!

Kid’s Food Sensitivity Test

Includes a 30-minute consultation with a qualified diet & nutritional expert.

Ideal For Your Kids Aged 2-17 Years Old

Begin the journey to safely optimize your child’s diet by finding out which foods they are reacting to. Simply take a quick finger-prick blood sample from the comfort of your own home and return it in the post. You’ll receive the results within just 7 days

The Junior Food Sensitivity Test analyzes your child’s IgG reactions to over 100 foods, providing color-coded results and nutritional post-test support. 

✨ Why Choose Our At-Home Allergy Test Kit? ✨

🌱 Affordable:

We understand the importance of accessible healthcare, which is why we offer our top-quality allergy test kit at an unbeatable price. No need to break the bank to gain valuable insights into your allergies.

🚀 Fast Results:

With our at-home allergy test kit, you can bid farewell to waiting weeks for results. Our streamlined process ensures you receive accurate results within days, empowering you to take prompt action and make informed decisions.

🔍 Comprehensive Testing:

The Premium Food Sensitivity Test is our most comprehensive test and analyzes IgG reactions to 200 food and drink ingredients.

🎯 User-Friendly:

No medical background required! Our allergy test kit is designed with simplicity in mind. Follow the clear instructions provided, collect your sample painlessly and hassle-free, and mail it back to our state-of-the-art lab for analysis. It's that easy!

📈 Actionable Insights:

Once your results are ready, you'll receive a detailed report outlining your specific allergens and their impact on your health. Armed with this knowledge, you can work with your nutritional therapy practitioner to create a personalized treatment plan or make lifestyle adjustments that will improve your well-being.

Investing in your health has never been more accessible. Our at-home allergy test kit offers affordability, user-friendliness, and fast results. By identifying your allergens, you can make informed choices to minimize exposure, reduce symptoms, and reclaim your comfort. Don't let allergies hold you back - order your kit now and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you!

🌟 Why Wait? Take Charge of Your Allergies Today! 🌟


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