The Fresh Start Workshop Will take Place in 3 Locations.

Join us for Fresh Start and embrace a healthier, happier you!

Part 1: Revitalize Your Energy

Learn the secrets to fueling your body for boundless energy! Discover which foods put the spring in your step and those that zap your vitality.

Part 2: Shed Pounds the Healthy Way

Unlock the key to sustainable weight loss. We'll guide you through a journey of delicious, nutritious choices to achieve your ideal body.

Part 3: Banish Seasonal Blues

Wave goodbye to those winter woes. Delve into mood-boosting foods and practices to shine all year round.

Pick the location Closest to you or the Online Option

Place to Attend this Workshop


CWC in Riverton January 9th

Online Self-Paced Class

Online Class

Self paced

CWC room 206 January 23rd



For those that signed up for the Thayne community center class. It has been canceled due to Illness. Each person that signed up will be given access to the online class for no additional charge.

Hi there, I’m so happy to have you here! Check out the various ways I map out nutrition for you.