Focusing on nutrition can feel like adding one more thing to your plate. Here are some strategies to help your kiddo eat better foods without creating more work for you.

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Healthy After School Snacks

The best way to get your kids to eat veggies is by keeping veggies at their height ready to eat when they get home from school. Click the link for full list of snacks ready for after school

Helpful Tools From Amazon

Food separation plates.

These plates keep food separate and come with lids for refrigeration or the microwave.

Food Cubby

These silicon food separator are ideal for making sure foods don’t touch.

Plate Divider

Anything but a fork

Using various utensils can be a great way to get your kiddo to engage in meal time. These kid size tongs are a great fork replacement

Weighted Utensils

Sensory cushion to help stay at the table.

Walmart Healthy Snack list

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